Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Micro Armor Mayhem

Another nice wargaming webite. Lots of photos of well-painted 1/285 and 1/300 scale modern miniatures. An example:

I also like his manufacturer's reviews. Here's an excerpt:

Scotia Micro Models

What they make: Virtually everything. They have, far and away, the most comprehensive range of modern micro armor of anyone out there.

Scale: 1/300

Quality: Mixed. Some pieces, such as their UK Saxons, are very good. Other, such as some of their French engineering vehicles, are a bit rough. Additionally, Scotia models seem to run small. Scotia models have also been manufactured by SimTac in Connecticut and possibly by New England Hobby Supply. It does not appear that any new models have been added in the last two years, although they are still in production and their customer service is excellent. They also sell a good line of neutral equipment, such as generic towed 120mm mortars and 20mm Oerlikon AA guns.

Pricing: Typically about 60 cents a model, with large ones a bit more. Shipping from Scotland is surprisingly reasonable.

Favorite Models: Various UK Saxons, French Trucks

Least Favorite Models: Their M113s are kind of dreadful.

"Kind of dreadful"...I love it. Hat tip to Bob Mackenzie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

micor amrmor is the best! im a begginer and i dont know were to buy more of these things. does anyone know any good places?

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GHQ apparently have some really nice 6mm modern and world war 2 models.

1:20 PM  

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